Silver on wood, security chain and sleek clip base.

The underside is covered with a 1-mm-thick solid grenadilla reed. The base of the clip is hidden under the wood, giving a smooth presentation. All edges are ground and polished.

Authentic reproduction of a clarinet reed in sterling silver (925).
We have been meticulous about the details:

  • Silver on grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) because almost all clarinets are made from it.
  • Hand-forged clip to ensure optimal clamping force.
  • Blacked and polished surfaces.
  • Bevelled and highly polished edges.
  • Security chains
  • Completely smooth underside – ideal for delicate silk ties.


≈ 20 g ca.
≈ 65 x 12 x 11 mm
Thickness: wood 1 mm, clip 1.5 mm