Welcome to ARS BIBETS, the virtual space where goldsmith and jeweller Bibets Ramos i Viladrich presents her creations for women, men and children. All of the jewellery pieces are handmade and unique – they can even be customized to your specifications. We pay attention to details because our goal is to ensure that every piece we create embodies beauty, comfort and quality.

Visit our GALLERY and allow yourself to be inspired. As you view our showcase of products, we hope your ideas will come alive as you envision your dream piece. We are here to help your dreams become a reality, and we are always available to give you our professional advice in the process. 

One of our most unique product lines is our MUSIC JEWELLERY. This jewellery is made of musical instrument parts.

All of the IMAGES that you see here at ARS BIBETS are photographs of real, already created designs. We don’t believe in using computer-generated images. When ARS BIBETS uses drawings, sketches or models, they will always be clearly marked.

ARS BIBETS is committed to the ENVIRONMENT and the REGIONAL TRADE. This means that we are not only dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials and energy resources, but that we also try to find everything we need as close to us as possible. This includes our service contracts, which is why we work mainly with professionals and companies from Berlin, Barcelona, and the surrounding regions.

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